Moving to Barbados - Immigration Guide

Immigration Regulations

All visitors to Barbados require a valid passport. Citizens of some countries also require visas.

Duration of Visit

Visitors coming to Barbados should provide proof of adequate means of support during their stay.

Extension of Stay

Visitors wishing to extend their stay should make an application to the Immigration Department on the prescribed form which is available at the Department.

The following items should be submitted with the application:

  • one passport size photograph
  • a valid passport or travel document
  • a valid airline ticket
  • evidence of means of support
  • application fee of BBD$100.00 (US$50.00)

Visitors are not permitted to engage in any occupation or to accept any employment during the period of their stay.

Permanent Residence

Persons who wish to take up permanent residence in Barbados must provide tangible evidence that they are not likely to become a charge on the nation. Applications should be made to the Immigration Department.

Long Term Residence

If you are considering moving to Barbados for a couple of years or even just a few months, there are several accommodation options available. Explore our website to find the perfect property for you and your family.


Persons who wish to pursue a course of study in Barbados should apply for a student visa before entering the island. Applications for student visas should be made on the prescribed form to the Immigration Department

Work Permits

All non-nationals desirous of working in Barbados are required to register with immigration prior to commencing employment.

The types of permits available to non nationals are:



The following guidelines must be followed when importing any animal into Barbados:

  • An import permit must be obtained from the Chief Veterinary Officer before the importation of all animals, reptiles and birds.
  • A Veterinary Officer must examine the animal before it is allowed to leave the customs area.
  • Dogs and cats must be free of any communicable disease. These animals may be imported by permit directly from the USA, UK, Ireland, Jamaica, St. Kitts-Nevis, Antigua, St. Lucia and St. Vincent. Cats and dogs originating from all other countries must undergo 6 months quarantine after which time an import permit can be secured.
  • For further inquiries, contact Veterinary Services at Tel: (246) 427-5073 or Fax: (246) 420-8444.


For additional information:

Chief Immigration Officer Immigration Department

Corporate Centre, Princess Alice Hwy

Bridgetown, Barbados

Tel: 246-435-4100

E-mail: [email protected]

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